Boo Koos, adj. southern US slang term meaning ‘a lot’, ‘abundance of’.


A lively and welcoming family run restaurant inspired by all things Texan. Founders David & Lisa first met whilst working together in a restaurant along the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. On returning to England, their love of Texan food and culture motivated them to recreate the things they missed most…. making Boo Koos a home away from home.


Our flagship restaurant in Helston is the product of evolution. Being originally purchased as an established and well-known video shop, Ultimate Video in 1998. After a decade of success, the world moved on from tangible DVD’s and born from this was Shimmy’s. A funky milkshake bar recognised for its bright and cheerful décor, appealing to the young and the young at heart. Specialising in hand blended milkshakes that even celebrity A-listers can’t keep away from (okay, Brad Pitt if you must know!).


In 2014, David and Lisa felt Shimmys deserved a rebrand in the form of Boo Koos. With the intention of sharing their own special spiced handmade beef burger recipe they had previously created in the states, and bringing it to the Helston high-street. Every effort has been taken to keep Boo Koos true to its origin, from sourcing authentic ingredients that make the juicy, mouth-watering American hand-pressed burgers, hand-cut fries and the vibrant yet laid back Texas Roadhouse feel down to the complimentary nachos.


Fast forward 5 years and you’ll find yourself in the presence of our not-so-little baby brother, the Falmouth Boo Koos. Now promoting a full 28 tables (to Helston’s cosy 9), this restaurant has allowed the business to not only cater for a wider audience but to expand its menu to greater reaches of Tex-Mex dishes and authentic American barbecue, straight from Texan created recipes.

Still now (and forever will be) a family owned, hands on approach pair of restaurants. Come on down and immerse yourself with Texan culture!

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